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This is a blog for people who want to vastly improve ways to address critical challenges of the 21st century such as climate change, poverty, sustainable agriculture, corruption, water, security, the financial system, forests, and marine resources. These are global challenges that require big changes in us as individuals, our organizations and our societies. We are developing organizing innovations to address these challenges, and this blog aims to spur further development and dissemination of those innovations.

Social Innovation Labs

Posted by Steve Waddell in Net Dev on July 13, 2015

Anyone interested in transformation processes will find Social Innovation Lab Guide a must read. For those actually developing a lab, it provides a detailed design, tools, examples, and advice; for those wanting to understand the role of labs in a …


Large Systems Change: an emerging field of transformation and transitions

Posted by Steve Waddell in Net Dev on July 6, 2015

What is meant by “large systems change (LSC)?” How can we “do it” much better? What must change and what are the strategies to realize it? What does a comprehensive picture of the field of LSC knowledge and methods look …


Xtreme Collaboration

Posted by Steve Waddell in Blog on July 1, 2015

Many times I hear people say they’re fearful of collaborating because it might endanger funding relationships. llc logo Although the change community talks about the need to collaborate, the story goes, the basic dynamics throw us into competition that undermines collaboration.  Or, …


Five Large Systems Change Trends

Posted by Steve Waddell in Change on April 7, 2015

Anyone working on big change issues should have an eye to mega system changes. Five of these are laid out as the basis for optimistic directions – the megatrends to ride and amplify – in Thinking the Twenty-First Century: Ideas


Networks as Learning Systems

Posted by Steve Waddell in Learning on March 26, 2015

Most networks have “learning” as an important activity, but I’ve seen no impressive examples of systemic network learning strategies. The International Land Coalition (ILC) has made a big step forward to develop just that, described as its Systematic Knowledge and


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