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This is a blog for people who want to vastly improve ways to address critical challenges of the 21st century such as climate change, poverty, sustainable agriculture, corruption, water, security, the financial system, forests, and marine resources. These are global challenges that require big changes in us as individuals, our organizations and our societies. We are developing organizing innovations to address these challenges, and this blog aims to spur further development and dissemination of those innovations.

Networks as Learning Systems

Posted by Steve Waddell in Learning on March 26, 2015

Most networks have “learning” as an important activity, but I’ve seen no impressive examples of systemic network learning strategies. The International Land Coalition (ILC) has made a big step forward to develop just that, described as its Systematic Knowledge and


Realizing Large Systems Change

Posted by Steve Waddell in Net Dev on March 20, 2015

The second in a free webinar series.

Action Networks: Global to local structures for change

Friday, March 27, 2015:  1-2 PM Eastern Time

Guests: Steve Waddell and Tom Bigda-Peyton

While change always requires local action, change efforts are almost …


Change Agents as (Intellectual) Shamans

Posted by Steve Waddell in Change, Leadership on March 19, 2015

Transformational change makers are shamans. In her book Intellectual Shamans Sandra Waddock focuses on 28 leading business academics of transformational intellectual impact that include ones well-known as change makers such as Otto Scharmer, David Cooperrider and Ed Schein. It is …


Realizing Large Systems Change

Posted by Steve Waddell in Blog on February 23, 2015

Webinars Friday, February 27 & March 6

Creating large change systems

Friday, Feb. 27 1-2 PM Eastern Time (New York)

Guests: Steve Waddell and Tom Bigda-Peyton

Large system change, sometimes called transformation science, is a growing field of knowledge and …


Part 3: From Change Initiatives to Change Systems

Posted by Steve Waddell in Change on November 5, 2014

Part 1 introduced the concept of change system and five subsystems through a project on the global change system for electricity;  Part 2 described the seven functions necessary for these systems to be effective.  In this blog, these are integrated …


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