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This is a blog for people who want to vastly improve ways to address critical challenges of the 21st century such as climate change, poverty, sustainable agriculture, corruption, water, security, the financial system, forests, and marine resources. These are global challenges that require big changes in us as individuals, our organizations and our societies. We are developing organizing innovations to address these challenges, and this blog aims to spur further development and dissemination of those innovations.

Part 3: From Change Initiatives to Change Systems

Posted by Steve Waddell in Change on November 5, 2014

Part 1 introduced the concept of change system and five subsystems through a project on the global change system for electricity;  Part 2 described the seven functions necessary for these systems to be effective.  In this blog, these are integrated …


Part 2: From Change Initiatives to Change Systems

Posted by Steve Waddell in Change on November 3, 2014

Part 1 described global energy as a change system with five subsystems.  The question was then asked: “What makes a (sub) system successful?” and “What must it do well, in order to realize its change goal?” Academically, these questions lead …


From Change Initiatives to Change Systems: Part 1

Posted by Steve Waddell in Change, Net Dev on October 24, 2014

Global change systems are evolving all around us.  But is there a way to strengthen them and speed the pace of transformation to address critical issues of health, climate and poverty?  In Milan last week a dozen people met for …


Assess Impact in Complex Environments

Posted by Steve Waddell in Blog, M&E on September 25, 2014

A big challenge people are always asking me about is how to measure impact when many organizations and people are involved and when success depends on flexibly changing course in response to learning what works.  They are characteristics of complex


Changing the Meme of Constant Growth

Posted by Steve Waddell in Net Dev on August 15, 2014

Constant growth is driving humanity off an ecological cliff, writes Dr. Sandra Waddock (Boston College). She describes how growth has become a “meme,” a core value, and she identifies diverse alternatives, from “thrivability” to “enough.” Dr. Waddock is active with


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