The Many Sources of Transformation and Large Systems Change Knowledge

This is a webinar recording drawing from work with a World Bank project to create a framework for describing large systems change knowledge.  I draw from streams of practice and study arising from four historic focii:  (1) business and sustainable enterprise, (2) peace and conflict resolution, (3) natural environment, (4) social-economic development, (5) spiritual-psychological, (6) learning and evaluation, and (7) cultural.  The webinar participants added to the framework and theories and tools. You can see the webinar here.

This is the second of a monthly webinar series on large systems change.  For more information about the series, go here.  The next one:

Presenter:  Anna Birney, Head of System Innovation Lab, Forum for the Future and Ecosystems Labs Steward

Topic:  Cultivating system change – a practitioners companion

Anna has just completed a new book by this title that builds on her impressive experience as a practitioner and grows out of her dissertation.  She will share her insights.  For the book description by chapter, go here.

Date: March 26, Wednesday

Time:  10am ET, 2pm GMT, 3pm CET (NOTE:  These times are correct…that week is the odd week where some are on daylight savings and some not.)

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