What We Do

Our Roles

The world is still at early stages of knowledge about developing effective networks and transformational change to address complex issues. NetworkingAction supports effective responses to these complexities by playing a number of roles.


When issues arise, often there is value in discussing them with someone who draws from years of working with people on similar issues. An engagement can be around very specific, but intense and limited issues; or, it can be a more lengthy and open engagement for issues as they arise.


Sometimes an issue requires investigation with various data collection methods and application of expertise and analytical approaches to produce practical and authoritative recommendations.


As a thought-leader in the field of multi-stakeholder networks and addressing global challenges, we give addresses to meetings and boards to stimulate their thinking and understand their challenges from a networking perspective..


People may desire to learn more about concepts, frameworks, and approaches to network development and operation. Workshops are organized for one-time or consecutive engagements; they can be virtual using e-conferencing, in-person, or a combination.


New knowledge development is often necessary for networks since they are pioneering new ways of operating. This can require development of new methodologies, or combining methodologies in new ways. The product is not always directly applied, or will lead to definitive recommendations, but often proves catalytic to people’s way of seeing and approaching issues.

Network Steward and Community Organizer

Leadership is often needed to form various stakeholders into a community to address an issue or develop an opportunity. Or, sometimes it is needed to build a team’s capacity and ability to learn collaboratively.

Of course these roles are often combined. Perhaps most usefully, they are combined as an “Action Learning/Research” engagement, by working with stakeholders or a team as peers who are also gathering information and talking through issues and opportunities.

And often other highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable professionals join from my network to play these roles as a team.