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Global Action Networks


2011. Global Action Networks: Creating our future together

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Steve Waddell’s research and writing have led the way in building up our understanding of Global Action Networks — and so our ability to work with this critically important way of addressing our most complex and vital social challenges.

— Adam Kahane,
Author — Power and Love: A Theory and Practice of Social change
Partner — Reos Partners

All the great challenges of our time, from climate change to poverty, require private actors to be part of the solution. The search is on to build and nurture effective collaborations so that individual actions become transformative movements within and across countries and regions. Steve Waddell is showing us what works and what doesn’t in the rapidly evolving world of Global Action Networks. This book is not only a superb analysis of the current state of affairs. It also shows pathways for a better future.

Georg Kell,
Executive Director – UN Global Compact Office

The concept of Global Action Networks is important for understanding a new, fascinating reality for different actors of governance addressing critical issues in the world. With this book Steve is making a valuable contribution to advancing both the concept and the practice of strengthening governance at every level.

Peter Eigen,
Founder – Transparency International (TI) ,
Chairman – Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)


About the Book

Traditional approaches are proving inadequate to address big global challenges such as climate change, inequality, war, disease, and environmental degradation. Over the last 20 years, a new strategy with multi-stakeholder global change networks is providing a robust alternative. These Global Action Networks (GANs) are a new type of organization, as different from non-profits, governments and businesses as those are from each other. They hold potential to become a major global governance form for the 21st century. Examples include the Global Compact, Transparency International, The Climate Group, Social Accountability International, the Principles for Responsible Investing and the Global Reporting Initiative.

Although this book will be of interest to anyone involved with global governance and large change issues, this book is written in particular to provide guidance to people interested in further developing GANs.


About the Book