Developing large Systems Change Leadership

For a recording of the webinar described below, go here. Slides are available here.  For more information about the Academy, go here.  For access to the toolbox described in the webinar, go here.

Presenter:  Klaus Althoff, Senior Programme Manager, Climate Leadership Plus – Leadership for Global Responsibility of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Integrating the work of numerous large change experts, in particular Otto Scharmer, Klaus is leading a programme to develop individuals’ capacity to be transformational leaders to address climate change.  He will share GIZ’s leadership development approach and lessons from its use.  Leadership for Global Responsibility is value-oriented, competency-based and rooted in a commitment to global well-being. It fosters responsible leadership with a self-reflective attitude and the ability to take ambitious and innovative action.

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