Social partnerships’ development challenge: Comprehensive self-development

Social partnerships’ development challenge: Comprehensive self-development. In M. Seitanidi & A. Crane (Eds.), Social partnerships and responsible business: A research handbook (pp. 374-381). New York, NY, USA: Routledge. 2014.

This is a chapter in a collection by leading analysts who critically examine the motivations for, processes within, and expected and actual outcomes of cross-sector partnerships. In opening up new theoretical, methodological, and practical perspectives on cross-sector social interactions, this book reimagines partnerships in order to explore the potential to contribute to the social good. A multi-disciplinary perspective on partnerships adds serious value to the debate in a range of fields including management, politics, public management, sociology, development studies, and international relations.

The chapter looks at social partnerships through the lens of eight competencies that have been identified as key to effective social partnerships: leadership, network development, measurement, change, communications, learning, advocacy, and resource mobilization. Although many of the names of the competencies are similar to those for other types of organizations, the chapter explains their distinctive qualities for social partnerships in terms of skills, knowledg

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