Webinar Series on Transformstion and Large Systems Change

NOTE:  For recordings of the series, search the blog for the webinar title.

The series looks at current work on the topic of transformation and large systems change (LSC) from various perspectives.  The goal is to support development of the LSC field by creating conversation amongst practitioners and knowledge developers about theories/strategies and methods/tools.

We will hear from a lead presenter with an emphasis on discussion with those attending.  Participation is free and open to others working in the field, as a community service organized by the GOLDEN Ecosystems Labs with GIZ providing technical support. To obtain the web link and participate, register by sending an email to webinar@goldenforsustainability.org.  For more information contact Labs Lead Steward Steve Waddell:  swaddell@networkingaction.net

Time:  10am ET/ 3pm UK/ 4pm CET (1 hour)  Download the series description or continue reading.

1) Wednesday, january 29: System Dynamics Mapping of Systemic Change Processes

Presenter:  Joe Hsueh, Co-Founder – Academy for System Change & Ecosystems Labs Steward, and  Partner – SecondMuse

Joe has applied a system dynamics approach across a wide range of change issues.  Drawing from these experiences, he has developed a system dynamics map that describes generic systemic change processes in terms of key activities in each phase and how they reinforce each other to catalyze, sustain and scale change.  This has led to numerous insights for change practitioners.

2) Wednesday, February 26: The Many Sources Of Transformation and Large Systems Change Knowledge

Presenter:  Steve Waddell, Principal, NetworkingAction and Ecosystems Labs Lead Steward

Steve 2011 Steve is working with a World Bank project to create a framework for describing this knowledge.  He is drawing from four streams of practice and study arising from four historic focii:  (1) business and sustainable enterprise, (2) peace and conflict resolution, (3) natural environment, and (4) social-economic development.  He hopes the webinar participants will add to the framework and theories and tools.

3) Thursday, March 27: Cultivating system change – a practitioners companion

NOTE:  The day has been changed to (Thursday), and times are different for US/Canada because of daylight savings irregularities:  8am PT/ 11am ET/ 3pm UK/ 4pm CET (1 hour)

Presenter:  Anna Birney, Head of System Innovation Lab, Forum for the Future and Ecosystems Labs Steward

Anna has just completed a new book by this titled Cultivating system change – a practitioners companion, that builds on her impressive experience as a practitioner and grows out of her dissertation.  She will share her insights.

4) Wednesday, April 23: The Social Lab Revolution: A New Approach to Solving our Most Complex Challenges

Presenter:  Zaid Hassan, Co-Founder – Reos Partners

Zaid presents insights from his new book by this name.  Zaid builds on a decade of experience—as well as drawing from cutting-edge research in complexity science, networking theory, and sociology—to explain the core principles and daily functioning of social labs, using examples of pioneering labs from around the world.

5) Wednesday, May 21: Developing Large Systems Change Leadership


Presenter:  Klaus Althoff, Senior Programme Manager, Climate Leadership Plus – Leadership for Global Responsibility of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Integrating the work of numerous large change experts, in particular Otto Scharmer, Klaus is leading a programme to develop individuals’ capacity to be transformational leaders to address climate change.  He will share GIZ’s leadership development approach and lessons from its use.  Leadership for Global Responsibility is value-oriented, competency-based and rooted in a commitment to global well-being. It fosters responsible leadership with a self-reflective attitude and the ability to take ambitious and innovative action.

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