Global Action Networks

Global Action Networks (GANs) are a specific type of network. These are a new, innovative network that are addressing critical global issues like climate change, poverty, health, education, and human security. They do this by integrating seven characteristics. GANs are:

  1. Global and multi-level…local, regional, global
  2. Entrepreneurial action learners…developing new tools, processes and relationships
  3. Public goods producers…producing for public benefit
  4. Diversity-embracing…collaborating across sectoral (business-government-civil society), linguistic, ethnic, north-south and other boundaries
  5. Interorganizational networks…individuals have a role, but organizations are the key participants; neither hierarchy nor markets provide the principles, values or capacity
  6. Systemic change agents…working on transformation, reform, and scaling up
  7. Voluntary leaders…participants make commitments to push the boundaries of enhancing environmental, social and economic outcomes

These global, multi-stakeholder networks are organized around specific issues. They include Transparency International (corruption), the Forest Stewardship Council, Social Accountability International, the Marine Stewardship Council, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the Microcredit Summit Campaign, the Global Water Partnership, and the Sustainable Food Lab.

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