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Empower Your Leaderful Network with the Four C’s

Posted by Guest Blogger Joe Raelin in Leadership on November 23, 2010

Joe is a leading thinker, author, educator and consultant in the leadership field. About 18 years ago I met him when he was on the business faculty at Boston College; he’s now at Northeastern University. We worked closely together with the executive management program, Leadership for Change. I continually have...

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Taking Sustainable Agriculture and Food to a New Level of Development

Posted by Steve Waddell in Change, Leadership, Net Dev on September 28, 2010

Transforming the agriculture and food system into a sustainable one is something some smart and diverse people have been working on for some time. I’ve been talking with them over the past year, and it seems to me that the system is ready for a new stage of development…but there...

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Network Leadership and How to Connect Differences

Posted by Steve Waddell in Leadership on July 27, 2010

Probably no skill is as central to multi-stakeholder networks as the ability to connect across differences. For Global Action Networks (GANs), this means connecting between individuals and organizations with diverse cultures and ways of perceiving the world. And it brings up difficult-to-talk-about topics like “love” and “the spiritual”. Cobus de...

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A New Approach to Network Leadership

Posted by Steve Waddell in Leadership on May 4, 2010

Some great new work finally gives a comprehensive framework for network leadership. It takes us from the heroic and hierarchical models of leadership that do not work for networks. But it not only brings out the dispersed, visionary, collaborative, and entrepreneurial qualities and skills critical for network leadership. It also...

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Power, Politics and Network Competencies

Posted by Steve Waddell in Leadership, Net Dev on March 23, 2010

Last week I spoke with Ger Berkamp, Director General of the World Water Council (WWC) and later with Peter van Tuijl, Director of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC). Each conversation turned to the question “What knowledge, skills and capabilities does your network need to be...

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