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Four Strategies for Transformation

Posted by Steve Waddell in Net Dev on March 23, 2018

Four distinct strategies undertaken to realize transformation are described in a new article in Stanford Social Innovation Review. Two cases are presented to illustrate the strategies: marriage equality (same-sex marriage) in the US and the energy transition in Germany. They suggest that any particular transformation requires development of all four,...

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Climate Change Transformation Requires a New Research Approach

Posted by Steve Waddell in Net Dev on February 21, 2018

Ioan Fazey, Councillor - SDG Transformations Forum; Professor Social Dimensions of Environmental Change - University of Dundee The world is becoming a confusing place, with change all around us. Issues are ever more complex and interconnected and humanity is racing through an era of major technological, social and environmental change....

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Creating Purposive Transformation

Posted by Steve Waddell in Net Dev on February 3, 2018

Whether to transform is not a choice. Our world is transforming. Every day we see signs that the environmental, political and social structures of the 20th century are crumbling: plummeting bio-diversity, fracturing of governments and rise in autocracy, and growing economic inequality to mention a few indicators. However, we can...

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A Transforming Philanthropy Large Systems Change Initiative

Posted by Steve Waddell in Net Dev on November 16, 2017

Tens of trillions of dollars. That’s the estimated financial wealth of the nearly 200 billionaires who have signed up to the Giving Pledge. Founded in 2010 with 40 of America’s wealthiest people including Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet, signatories commit the majority of their wealth to philanthropy. Imaging...

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Conferences for ENGAGEMENT…rather than display

Posted by Steve Waddell in Net Dev on October 7, 2017

"Conferences can lead to both knowledge exchange and impact - we just have to do them differently," writes Mark Reed. Amen to that. I, too, don't want to go to conferences designed around cutting off the top of heads and stuffing them with new knowledge and someone else's wisdom. Why...

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