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Les Compétences Reseau: Clés de la réussite

Posted by Steve Waddell in Events on October 28, 2010

L'Université Internationale Terre Citoyenne (UITC) et NetworkingAction ont organisé une webinaire sur les capacités pour animer des réseaux, surtout les réseaux multi acteurs qui travaille pour des changement fondamentaux au niveau international. Le succès des réseaux dépend du développement des «compétences» résumées dans le diagramme. Bien que ces compétences soient...

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Three Types of Change and Their Strategic Implications

Posted by Steve Waddell in Events on June 16, 2010

We are swimming in a world of “change”. But not all change is the same, and very often the wrong strategies and tools are applied to a change challenge. The result? Lots of frustration, wasted energy and disillusion about our capacity to realize change. We explored differences between three different...

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Core Comptencies for Change Networks

Posted by Steve Waddell in Events on March 31, 2010

Networks' success depends upon developing "competencies" or skills summarized in the diagram. Although these competencies are similar for non-network strategies, networks require approaches that differ significantly from traditional organizations. Realizing these differences is absolutely critical. Some Discussion Questions: How do these competencies differ from ones for non-network organizations Doesn’t the...

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Comparative Mapping Methods

Posted by Steve Waddell in Events on March 17, 2010

Realizing change is particularly difficult if you cannot clearly see the “system” that currently exists. Descriptions of systems traditionally has meant many pages of writing that is often difficult to consume and leaves readers uncertain whether they have understood the same thing. New mapping technologies using arrows and nodes to...

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Network Development Stages

Posted by Steve Waddell in Events on March 3, 2010

The development processes of multi-stakeholders strategies are very different from those of new businesses, NGOs, and government agencies. They can be characterized as involving four steps: initiation, experimentation, infrastructure development, and realizing the potential. Each stage has specific challenges that must be addressed to build firmly the following stage. Understanding...

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