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Assess Impact in Complex Environments

Posted by Steve Waddell in Blog, M&E on September 25, 2014

A big challenge people are always asking me about is how to measure impact when many organizations and people are involved and when success depends on flexibly changing course in response to learning what works.  They are characteristics of complex environments.  Attribution is highly problematic with so many actors and...

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Network Health as “Harmonic Vibrancy”: Analyze your network

Posted by Steve Waddell in Blog, M&E, Net Dev on March 13, 2012

Most multi-stakeholder networks are taking on pretty daunting challenges:  climate change, corruption, sustainability, health, water, food security…  What is critical to their success?  A new perspective on this, accompanied by a very simply administered test, is offered with the concept of “harmonic vibrancy” (HV). “…harmony refers to the degree of...

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A New Approach to Multi-Stakeholder Network Assessment

Posted by Steve Waddell in M&E on May 5, 2011

Assessing the effectiveness of networks is a notoriously under-developed field.  I recently took my hand at it with the co-leadership of Horacio Trujillo and iScale.  We applied our thinking to the International Land Coalition, a multi-stakeholder network aiming to promote secure and equitable access to, and control over, land through...

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Game-Changer Strategic Mapping Tool for Networks?

Posted by Steve Waddell in M&E, Net Dev on January 4, 2011

A proto-type of a new mapping tool called The Strategy Landscape™ (SL) is available for viewing.  “It has the potential to be a real game-changer for the field,” explains John Branam, director of programs at Grantmakers for Education. SL promises to help networks working in “issue arenas” (corruption, forestry, water,...

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Seven Complexity Implications for Multi-Stakeholder Networks

Posted by Steve Waddell in Communications, Leadership, Learning, M&E on December 21, 2010

Learning to work with complexity is absolutely essential for people working with multi-stakeholder networks.  It’s key to effective leadership, network development, impact measurement, communications, and change strategies.  A multi-stakeholder change network developing all these for a complicated rather than complex system is bound to fail…or at least fall far short...

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