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Rule 1 for Network Development through Hyper-Link Mapping

Posted by Steve Waddell in Communications, M&E, Net Dev on August 3, 2010

If you are starting or working in a network, you should use new mapping technologies to “see the whole”. Knowing who is working in your field and their relationships is key for good strategy. In a previous blog, I briefly introduced several mapping technologies. Now I'll give more details about one of the easier and quicker ways to map: using web crawls. They give a view of the structure of the “virtual (digital) world”, that is becoming an increasingly good description of “real world” relationships as the internet develops.Read More...

Creating Large-Scale Conversations for Change Networks

Posted by Steve Waddell in Communications on June 9, 2010

To realize large-scale change requires really good large-scale conversations. With tens and even hundreds of millions of people. I remember the 1980s' innovative format of satellite-fed televised town hall meetings with citizens of the US and the Soviet Union talking directly to one another for the first time. They made a huge impression and broke down stereotypes. Although social media and the internet allow much richer exchanges, by-and-large they have been pretty unimaginative. But Patrice Barrat of Article Z and the Bridge Initiative in Paris, is pushing the boundaries with a new just-launched production!Read More...

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