Jim Ritchie-Dunham – Associate

Jim is a life-long student of the agreements that guide human interaction and that are critical in change processes.  He explores this study through consulting, research, and teaching. Jim’s work — now called ecosynomics: the science of abundance — has focused primarily on understanding human agreements as systems, developing strategy from a systems-resource perspective, and fostering large-scale social change as a collaborative, holistic inquiry. He has developed conceptual frameworks in his work with executive teams in corporate, government, civil society, inter-sectoral, and global-action-network settings for over twenty years on six continents.


Institute for Strategic Clarity, a global research nonprofit, president of
Jim is president of the Vibrancy Ins LLC, a global consultancy and publisher, and an adjunct faculty member in Harvard’s program in sustainability leadership and in the ITAM’s business school in Mexico City.

Jim authored Ecosynomics: The Science of Abundance (2014) and co-authored Managing from Clarity: Identifying, Aligning and Leveraging Strategic Resources;  he has written many articles on systemic strategy for academic and practitioner journals, an blogs regularly at jlrd.me. He has a BS in Petroleum Engineering from UTulsa, an MIM from Thunderbird, an MBA from ESADE, a PhD in Decision Sciences from UTAustin, a postdoc in system dynamics and organizational studies from MIT, and a postdoc in psychology and Langer mindfulness from Harvard..