Webinar – What is “Transformation” and why is understanding its qualities important?

Posted by Steve Waddell in Net Dev on May 8, 2017

Date: Thursday, May 18

Time: 10 am US Eastern Time; 16.00 CEST

This Webinar is Hosted by Future Earth, and supported by the SDG Transformation Forum, the Future Earth Transformation Knowledge Action Network, Transformations2017, and Geneva2030.

Topic: What is “Transformation” and why is understanding its qualities important?

The term “transformation” is popularly used as a loose metaphor by many. However, others view it as a more rigorous analytic concept. This webinar focuses on the latter approach, and investigates its qualities with three people who are using it in their work.

1)    Karen O’Brien  Professor, Department of Sociology and Human Geography — University of Oslo, Norway. Karen works on issues related to global environmental change, globalization, vulnerability, climate change adaptation, and human security. She is particularly interested in how societies both create and respond to change. Her research explores the ways that processes such as climate change, biodiversity loss and other large-scale environmental transformations interact with other global processes to exacerbate inequity, increase vulnerability and undermine sustainability.

2)    Derk Loorbach, Director – DRIFT; Professor of Socio-Economic Transitions – Erasmus University. Derk is one of the founders of the transition management approach as new form of governance for sustainable development. He has written more than one hundred publications in this area and has been involved as an action researcher in numerous transition processes with government, business, civil society, and science.

3)    Steve Waddell, Principal – NetworkingAction: For 35 years, Steve has worked on large systems change, of which transformation is a key ingredient. He does this largely as an action researcher and consultant, and through personal leadership, on a broad range of issues including sustainable energy, poverty, water and sanitation, corruption, and disaster relief.

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