New Book: Change for the Audacious

Posted by Steve Waddell in Net Dev on April 12, 2016

Addressing critical challenges like climate change, food security and equity requires large systems change and bookdevelopment of powerful change systems. Change for the Audacious is for people working on these types of issues, with the belief that we can create a future that is not just “sustainable”, but also flourishing. This perspective means that the challenge is not just one of simple change, but of transformation – radical change in the way we perceive our world, create relationships and organize our societies. This is the implication of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and other global efforts, and also innumerable efforts locally, nationally and regionally.

A truly path breaking work. It will inspire and motivate the tens
of thousands of individuals who are working to make positive change happen.
— Georg Kell
    Founding Executive Director UN Global Compact
    Vice Chair Arabesque Partners

This book approaches these challenges as large systems change issues: issues requiring engagement of many, many people and organizations often globally; issues requiring deep innovation with shifts in mindsets and power structures; and issues that require capacity to work with complexity. Large systems change is presented as a new field of practice and knowledge; the book is not about a “method” or particular “approach”; rather it provides an overview of leading frameworks, methods and approaches relevant to large systems change, to develop capacity to use the appropriate ones in particular contexts.

Steve Waddell’s book provides a much needed resource for leaders of social
change, with helpful frames and tools to support this challenging work.
—John Kania
   Managing Director

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After introducing concepts of transformation and complexity, the book presents five case studies of large systems change: personal transformation, transformation of the German electricity system, movement from apartheid South Africa, the growth in marriage equality (same sex marriage) in the United States, and the rise of the anthropocene. These cases and others are referenced throughout the remainder of the book to present large systems change strategy, organizing structures, steps in developing the necessary collective action, tools, and personal guidance for change practitioners. For a detailed description of the chapters and Chapter 1, go here. To order the book, go here.  For an introductory 25% discount for my blog readers before April 15, use discount code INTRODUCTION.

Change for the Audacious offers readers a road map for examining, reflecting
and reimagining large scale systems changes so that the systems that
impact peoples’ lives can work better, work better together and
ultimately lead to an equity rich society.
—Dwayne C. Proctor, Ph. D.
   Senior Adviser to the President
   Director, Health Equity Portfolio
   Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Steve Waddell has taken his vast knowledge of systems and our planet,
and given us a roadmap that can profoundly help us all as we undertake
the system transformation that is needed in our world.
—Sandra Waddock
   Galligan Chair of Strategy
   Carroll School Scholar of Corporate Responsibility
   Professor of Management
   Boston College

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