Learning & transformative networks to address wicked problems: A golden invitation.

Posted by Steve Waddell in Publications, Published Articles on December 20, 2013

Learning & transformative networks to address wicked problems: A golden invitation.  Steve Waddell, Milla McLachlan, and Domenico Dentoni.  International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 16(A), 23-32. Reprint:  The Non-Profit Quarterly Fall/Winter 2013, 26-33.

This essay explores the role of learning networks in strengthening the transformative potential of multi-stakeholder initiatives in the agro-food sector. It begins with reflections on the learning needs of a regional multi-stakeholder initiative in the agro-food sector, the Southern Africa Food Lab (SAFL). Then, the essay introduces an emerging learning network, namely GOLDEN for Sustainability. GOLDEN is a global learning network currently developing outside the agricultural and food sector, but with the ambition of including the agro-food sector. The authors are all connected to GOLDEN, and through this article they aim to leverage the International Food and Agribusiness Management Review (IFAMR) platform as a tool for developing such networks (Dentoni et al. 2012) and to invite agro-food organizations to participate in learning networks such as GOLDEN.

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