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2007. Realising Global Change: Developing the Tools, building the Infrastructure

Realising Global Change: Developing the Tools, building the Infrastructure. Journal of Corporate Citizenship Special Issue. (26): 69-84.

Abstract:  Tackling global change challenges is becoming increasingly important with the rise of global interdependence. However, seemingly intractable global issues such as environmental sustainability, war and poverty suggest that current mechanisms and processes for responding to them are insufficient. There are some emerging experiences that suggest more successful possibilities are under development. Drawing on work with these multi-stakeholder global networks called Global Action Networks (GANs), the author proposes seven principles to guide successful global change strategies: (1) make the approach multi-stakeholder; (2) aggregate stakeholders by organisational sectors; (3) address the individual to societal change challenges; (4) make ‘learning’ a core value; (5) understand the work as building complex systems; (6) organise for ‘third-order’ change; and (7) think in terms of development stages.

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